Hanish's work embodies the utter quintessance of tailoring and style! He knows his craft, and his work well commends the discerning eye. Thank you for permitting me this space to comment.
Wayne Murrell
March 2024

Saville Row on my doorstep. Hanish thank you for your time and attention on my wedding suit, I couldn't have asked for anything better. The attention to detail is top shelf 🥂. # don't blame the suit, blame the shirt.
G Money
March 2024

Bespoke Attire's founder Hanish is a true professional of the craft of tailoring. His measurments are precise and his love and respect for the suit is obvious. I've waited a full year to make this review, to truly review the service and materials. His prices are extremely fair for the materials sourced and for the attention to detail. Correspondence is swift and professional and he has an excellent ability to adapt to the customer's personality and requirements. He is a confident and open man and will work with you to endeavour to attain a truly bespoke, perfectly fitted suit. It should also be noted that he repaired a different pair of trousers of mine which had previously been ruined by an incompetent tailor. His repairs and alterations should certainly be taken advantage of.

I'm very pleased with the suit we cultivated.
Adam Fielding, London
November 2022

Absolutely incredible from start to finish. Suit looks exceptional and fits like a glove. Hanish has an intuitive sense of style and finesse to everything he does and he walked me through every step from the design, selection, creation to the fitting with expert advice. I couldn't be more pleased. If I could add an extra star I would. Thank you.
Alex Forsyth, London
November 2022

Hanish is absolutely amazing, super helpful and honest about any adjustments needed whilst giving true advice about how to care for and wear his creations, the pieces made are a perfect fit and absolutely beautiful. thank you so much!
Minty de Soissons, London
April 2022

Hanish is a skilled tailor, he gives honest advice about the best fit and fabric for your suit, it is evident he knows his stuff. The suit he made for me was brilliant. The level of detail is exceptional and it is clear that Hanish loves his job, it shines through in the finished product. I would not hesitate to recommend his work.
James Mulholland, London
March 2021

I contacted Hanish about having a suit made as present for a special birthday and he could not have been more helpful. I knew from speaking to him on the phone that he would understand exactly what my partner would like. The finished suit is beautiful, real attention to detail and top quality. A true craftsman.
Sam Lister, London
November 2019

Hanish is a true professional and all his work is a standard above the rest of the competition. Hanish provided a great service and excelled where others failed. The fitting of my suite was like a second skin and his attention to detail was the icing on the cake, Hanish put my initials on one of the cuffs of my shirt and my future wife's on the other one. Nothing was too much trouble and where I was uncertain of what style best suited me he was there with advice. I had gone to buy a suit from Hugo Boss but glad I didn't in the end. The suit Hanish made for me is far superior to the one I was going to buy and it's a better fit. Bespoke attire is definitely the way forward if you want a stylish suit that fits like a glove.
Brian Miller, Wandsworth, London
April 2017

After some searching I decided to go with these guys because to get so many 5 star reviews they must be doing something right, and having now bought a suit I can see why. Hanish is the total professional. Everything from the first contact to the handing over of the suit was perfect. He guided me through the fashion blunders, gave me enough choice that I felt like I was getting the suit I wanted but not so much I felt overwhelmed, and even at the end gave me some great advice on caring for it. An excellent service and a fantastic suit. Thanks Hanish.
Dan H, London
March 2017

An enormous thank you to Hanish for a superbly tailored wedding suit! I was best man at my brother's wedding and was looking for a blue summer suit with a little bit of flair. Hanish provided excellent suggestions during the fitting. The suit fitted perfectly and the extra details he added really put it a notch above. The suit was perfect for the wedding and I received a number of compliments on its fine tailoring. Many many thanks!
Andrew Klein, London
March 2017

The service Bespoke Attire provided was fantastic and all within an affordable budget. I had been struggling to find my wedding suit and had looked into several options. From making contact to the delivery of the suit I found the whole experience to be one of the stand out memories of planning our wedding. Getting measured up and making all the decisions was such a novelty and Hanish took time to get to know exactly what I wanted. He was superb at making suggestions to suit my body shape whilst keeping within the overall style of the wedding. My suit is now my prized possession that I will cherish forever.
Edward Hopkins - Earlsfield, London
November 2016

Bespoke Attire was recommended to me through a business colleague and friend. Every aspect of the service is first class and the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding, I highly recommend Bespoke Attire. Thank you Hanish Greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again.
Matthew Howard - Ponyclun, Wales
November 2015

I cannot praise Hanish and the service he provides highly enough. As a returning customer, I have found the quality of service (from the flexibility of making appoints to the quick turnaround in producing a suite) equally as good as the first time. Hanish always provides excellent advice and guides you through the process to make sure you end up with the best result. From the first suit I had made, I have recommended Hanish to a number of friends and family who have gone on to have suits made and who are equally impressed with the service and quality of clothing produced. The last suit I had tailored was for my wedding day and the little finishing touches, like the monogrammed shirt cuffs, with both the brides and my initials made the suit even more special. Thank you once again!
Marc Stephens - Brighton - East Sussex
August 2015

Around five years ago I realised that being the shape of a penguin needn’t be a sartorial death sentence. My wife came across Hanish’s work through a combination of web search and word of mouth, and I’m so very glad she did.

I am not a person who knows or thinks much about fashion. But because I have a very fat neck and an Indian pot belly, I look ridiculous in shirts bought from, say, Marks & Spencer.

Hanish’s fitting was a pleasant, fun and fascinating experience. I learned more about my absurd body in that half hour than I had learned in the decade previously.

He is a hugely charming and engaging person, with a remarkable knowledge about his native Zimbabwe. Above, he promptly and very professionally produces superb shirts that have lasted for years and – finally – emancipate me from the body image of a waddling penguin. I strongly recommend his services to other men and women who want to look smarter at work, without breaking the bank.

And I’m very much looking forward to wearing a suit of his one day soon, too. Hanish – thank you
Amol Rajan - Editor, The Independent
August 2015

I was very kindly given at Christmas a gift of 5 x bespoke tailored shirts to be designed and tailored by Bespoke Attire. Not only was I thoroughly delighted with the finished shirts when I received them, but Hanish’s ability to put me at my total ease, his advice and expertise in helping me pick the most suitable cottons, styles, cuffs, collars, even my own personalised insignia, was exceptional. Even when one of the shirts’ hems frayed a few week’s after delivery – two replacements came in the post by way of an apology. I cannot recommend Bespoke Attire enough and have already begun saving for my first Bespoke Attire suit.
Peter Hinton, The Priory, Roehampton
May 2015

Bespoke Attire is exactly that. From first contact until my suit was ready I felt confident that I was going to receive what I wanted. Care was taken to ensure the suit fits my personality as well as my odd shape. I was gobsmacked that my suit fitted first time with no need for a first or second fitting and it was ready and much sooner than I anticipated.
To say that I would highly recommend Bespoke Attire does not really do justice to the service and quality provided.
Many thanks
Walt, Bexhill-on-Sea
May 2015

Absolutely brilliant. Hanish came by my home, and he helped me through the process. This was my first tailor made suit -- didn't regret it at all. Both on fit and price, I was very happy. So much so that I now have 3 suits and 15 shirts. Highly recommended.
Simon Hinrichsen - Whitechapel, London
March 2015

This is my first experience of a bespoke suit and I have to say I won't be going back to the peg again! After a detailed measuring and cloth selection session I ordered 2 suits & shirts. At first fitting Hanish wasn't 100% happy with a suit jacket detail and an adjustment was needed to make perfect - this was dealt with quickly, efficiently and without further cost. I kept and wore the shirts in the meantime and was so happy when it came to delivery of the suits I immediately ordered another 4 shirts - all superb quality at a fair price with fabulous service from Hanish and his team.
Reuben Cook - The Full Circle, Wandsworth, London
March 2015

Hanish is a true professional with great taste, advice and style, I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism and service I had with Bespoke. I had a suit made for an occasion and it was made with exceptional quality and design. The suit was fitted, the service was of a high standard and the overall experience was fantastic. The suit was fitted, the measurements were perfect and the fit was comfortable. Hanish displayed wonderful can do attitude and his advice was the best I have received, the process and method was handled with care and professionalism, Thank you Hanish. I get compliments wherever I go and I must say you are a talented individual. The service was highly bespoke and tailored to my every need. Exceptional service and highly recommended for any occasion throughout the year.
Mishal Patel - St. Pauls, London
November 2014

Hanish visited my home and we discussed at length my requirements.
Given that it had been 12 years since I last had a suit made I was a bit lost as to what I really wanted. Hanish was both patient and professional, asking questions to elicit the small details from me to determine my requirements.
He also suggested the inspired idea of having two sets of trousers, one pair with turn-ups and the other pair without.
The suit Hanish delivered to me was beyond my expectations and the price was incredibly reasonable.
Having made an appointment with Hanish for next week I look forward to having at least two more suits made by him, and I will be recommending Hanish to my family, friends and colleagues.
Thank you Hanish.
D O’Halloran, Battersea, London
September 2014

I called Hanish to order a suit for my wedding. At the first appointment I have been immediately impressed: he is not only very competent and professional but also very sympathetic with a lot of humour. he also gives very good advices for the suits and the best way to wear them.
When I changed my mind for the lining few days before the suit was complete, he reacted very efficiently. and to tell the truth, he already suggested me not o choose it at the first time. I should have listen to him instead :-)

When he delivered the suit, it fitted perfectly well at the first try. the shape and the cut are exactly what I ordered.

Do not hesitate anymore, just call Hanish.
Antoine DeCourtivron - Holloway, London
August 2014


Hanish arrived at my home, measured me and we discussed suit types and shirts. The whole process was thorough and easy.
A few weeks later everything was ready and fitted perfectly. Very professional throughout and I am very happy.
Tony Navarro - Putney, London
June 2014

I have been complemented many times about the fit and style of my suit and I will have no hesitation recommending Hanish to others in the future. I have found my bespoke tailor and I shall be sticking with him!
Colin Murray - Carshalton Beeches, Surrey
June 2014

Hanish was friendly, punctual, efficient and easy to work with. The trousers he has made for me were exactly as I asked; the home visit made everything easy, but the quality of the result made it all worth it. I would recommend him to anyone.
Kieren Eyles - Wandsworth, London
March 2014

Hanish made my wedding suit for me. I had not had a tailored suit before and Hanish was very helpful and provided a lot of good advice about the style, colour and fit. Hanish also made my shirt which fits amazingly well and was excellent value for money. The whole process was very convenient and efficient as Hanish came to our house for the fittings and to deliver the finished suit which was great for us as we had just had a new baby. I would definitely recommend Bespoke Attire to anyone looking for a tailored suit or shirt.
Arnaud Lauer, London
December 2013

Hanish designed my wedding suit for me. He was very decisive and creative with his ideas and I totally love the finished product.The quality is fantastic and the fit impeccable. He makes the experience very easy and hassle free and I will always continue to purchase suits from Bespoke Attire. He also offers welcomed advise on what shoes and ties to match. Amazingly talented guy! Thanks for making my wedding day even more special!
Dan Novell, Wandsworth, London
September 2013

I was absolutely delighted with my first experience of bespoke tailoring. The tailor who visited my house had an impeccable professional manner and explained the options in a clear and helpful way, providing some guidance while letting my own preferences lead the way. It was a very impressive display of listening skills and expertise. Three weeks later I had a fantastic custom-made suit. Further alterations were available for free, but I didn't need them – it was perfect. Impressive.
Richard Chumbley, Former editor of Sundeck - The Sunseeker Yachts Lifestyle Diary
September 2013

Hanish did a really great job, supplying me two suit jackets and 6 shirts. He travelled both to my office and to my home to deliver items and take measurements (using his bespoke tablet application to store details and comments). He was extremely professional and thorough. The final results were by far the best fitting items I have owned. The range of fabrics and custom choices for every part of the jackets and shirts was huge, and discussed in detail. He was even happy to make me some short sleeved linen shirts for summer in a more casual cut, which worked out very well.
Ian Hodson - Google, London
July 2013

I must say, I was slightly skeptical of how this process would work, but Hanish has this down to a science. He is incredibly professional and has clearly worked out any potential problems that may arise during this process. Hanish and I never formally met in person, just over Skype. All of my measurements were taken during a Skype meeting, and fabric selections were made from swatches that I received in the mail. All of the details of the suit that I wanted were worked out over Skype with Hanish's 10-page selection guide. I decided on a three-piece, grey cashmere suit, and two shirts. The suit and shirts arrived via the mail about a week ago, and I must say, this suit is beautiful. The fit is great, including the inseam length of the trousers and the sleeve length of the jacket and shirts. Hanish is a master tailor, and I would recommend this process to anyone who is looking for bespoke suits at an incredibly reasonable price.
Colton Heimer, Philadelphia, USA
June 2013

I met Hanish when I was recently in London and he took the measurements for a jacket and then had it delivered to me in Hermanus South Africa. The jacket has turned out perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. Without a fitting, the measurements that he took were very accurate and I am delighted with the finished product. He is so clever, he should have been a twin.
Jean Kerr, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa
February 2013

I missed all deadlines to order a tailor made suit for my wedding but luckily Hanish was on hand to assist. He visited my house on weekends, which was really great as I am working during the week and we have very strict visitors policy at work.
Hanish was really helpful in giving advice on the choice and cut of my suit. So 1 week before the wedding I received a masterpiece - the 3-piece suit that fits. All the guests at my wedding noticed the quality of material and tailoring.
If you need your suit fast you can find what you want from Bespoke Attire. Quality, a reasonable price and a personal approach are all part of the package. Thank you.
Konstantin Vishnyak - London
December 2012

Bespoke Attire provides an outstanding bespoke suit service. Having purchased a variety bespoke suits over the last decade, with mixed results, I can attest that Bespoke Attire's product and service completely eclipses those provided by more expensive Savile Row and Soho competitors. Specifically, Bespoke Attire's home services, speed of delivery, and exceptional value for money are unrivalled. Added to this, Hanish has an easy and personable manner and has invested in app-based technology to ensure specifications are accurate and the need for alterations in finished garments are kept to a minimum (for the first time ever, I required no alterations following my first fitting). If you care about suits, use him!
Daniel R – Wimbledon, London
November 2012

The service provided by Hanish is fantastic....I needed two suits for my 18 year old son for a family wedding...The measurements were done over skype under Hanish's guidance. Hanish also gave us his expert advise on colours and style, as these were my son's first suits....The suits were great and the fit perfect...my son was thrilled with them and is planning to get a tux for his prom from Hanish. Great service and advise Hanish ...we will be back....you are a star..
Smita Patel - Atlanta, USA
October 2012

Don't bother trying to find a bespoke tailor who will give you what you want at a reasonable cost. You won't find it! Instead, just contact Hanish at Bespoke Attire. I cannot recommend Bespoke Attire enough, in fact I would suggest that you try Hanish first and if you are not satisfied (which you will be) then try finding someone else. I had been let down badly by a bespoke tailor who like they do, promise you the earth at an extortionate price and when it comes to the crunch cannot deliver even good customer service let alone a suit! Hanish excels at giving you what you want for your special occasion and his customer service is exemplary e.g name me a tailor who will pick you up from the railway station, provide a consultation, measure you up and do the same for the rest of your wedding party? Hanish did exactly that. Please try Hanish before you try those overpriced fools who are all talk and literally no trousers! Just ask yourself two simple questions. Do you want an excellent quality, reasonably priced, beautifully tailored, hand made suit? Do you want fast, excellent customer service from a friendly, genius tailor who cares about how you look for your special day? Then you must call Hanish at Bespoke Attire -don't bother with anyone else!
Mick Feather - East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
October 2012

I was very impressed with the service provided by Bespoke Attire. Hanish made the whole process from outline design to final product very straight forward and I was very happy with my bespoke suit, which was so beautifully tailored, to the extent that I plan to go back very soon!
Jim Bradley – Wimbledon, London
June 2012

Fantastic service and meticulous attention to detail. Extensive range of fabrics and accessories to choose from. Prompt delivery. Definitely would return in future. Thanks!
Chetna Chouhan - Perth, Australia
May 2012

Hanish was recommended to me and from start to finish I realised it was a highly professional service. I have a busy work life and he was more than happy to work around my schedule and give me the advice I required. The Suit he made is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for and his attention to detail is fantastic. The cloth he uses is of the best quality and I don’t believe you'll get a better service anywhere else.
Kai Crayford – Vertical IT, London
May 2012

Top notch quality and service from Hanish and Bespoke Attire, who delivered exceptional handmade shirts (for both work and casual purposes), exactly to my specifications, on time and at an affordable price. I would highly recommend and definitely use Hanish again in the future - so much better to have shirts that fit exactly as you want them to fit, look exactly as you want them to look and from a tailor that truly cares about both his client and his work.
Sam Williams – Tooting, London
May 2012

Hanish's service was flawless and went above and beyond what was expected when purchasing a tailored suit for a wedding reception. The clothing was a perfect fit and very comfortable. Definitely a deal making experience to choose tailored clothing from Bespoke Attire over anything else!! Thank you Hanish!
Utsav Desai – Perth, Australia
May 2012
Fantastic tailoring and exceptional service. My suit had a perfect fit and made me feel very professional. Throughout the event many friends commented on the suit and asked where it was from. Even the boys (aged 5-9) looked very smart. I would highly recommend Bespoke Attire to anyone looking to make a lasting impression. Great job Hanish I look forward to putting that suit on again!!
Satej Desai, San Jose, California, USA
May 2012

Bespoke Attire's highly personalized and efficient service has been phenomenal. For my recent wedding reception Bespoke Attire personally tailor made suits for 9 members of my family from all age groups. The look, fit and feel for each suit was simply impeccable and elegant. From the initial contact, to the fabric choice, measurements, colour combinations, cufflinks selection right through to the personal delivery of the suits, Hanish has offered the most exquisite professional services and recommended suggestions and advise when needed. Thank you Hanish for being part of the success of my wedding! I would sincerely and highly recommend anyone from all age groups to use Bespoke Attire
Payal Desai, San Jose, California, USA
May 2012

Excellent Craftsmanship! Hanish, you have been absolutely amazing with the entire end-to-end process of dressing all the men for our sister's wedding! Thank you so much for the professional service, your advice, and of course the perfectly fitted suits. My six-year-old son also looked fabulous and we struggled to get him out of his suit due to his reluctance to take it off! Three generations were wearing Bespoke suits in the true sense on our special day. Once again, thank you for all the hard work and we certainly would recommend your services to anyone who wants and appreciates quality clothing.
Samir Popatlal – Pop Technologies, Harare, Zimbabwe
April 2012

What a superb experience….I met Hanish a few weeks ago and he measured me for suit, the whole process is simply fantastic…
Firstly the man himself, he is very knowledgeable, he really understands his materials, he really know what he is doing and he fills you with confidence
He likes an opinion from his client and can steer their ideas from what could potentially look good into something that looks awesome, he is a gentleman, professional and just a really nice guy.
His advice is priceless and the result is simply great, the minute detail, the cut, the styling and the quality is just outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bespoke Attire
Jeff Ward - General Manager, Cannizaro House, Wimbledon
April 2012

Excellent tailoring service! Hanish has outfitted my tall and slim fiancee in perfectly fitting suits, trousers and shirts. Highly recommended.
Dr. Meredith Clements, King’s Cross, London
March 2012

Top tailor. Great attention to detail, fantastic fabrics, solid craftsmanship. Hanish came to see me notwithstanding the sporadic hours I was working. I am such a big fan of his work that have kept using Hanish since moving overseas. Very highly recommended.
Alex Ovchar - Morgan Stanley, London
March 2012

I got a bespoke suit by Bespoke Attire as a present from my wife. From the moment Hanish crossed our threshold with a suitcase full of fabric samples, I could tell that it will be an amazing experience. He's a true professional always ready with a suggestion or an explanation if it's required, which worked really well as I'd always bought my suits and shirts off-the-peg and was quite lost among all the options one has when getting bespoke clothes made. All in all the process was swift, and very easy, helped very much by Hanish's winning personality and by the fact that it was conducted entirely in the comfort of my reception.
The clothes were ready on schedule, and when I'd tried them on (once again, during a house call made at my convenience) I immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship, with the fit and with how the clothes made me feel. Despite this being my first experience, I look forward to being Bespoke Attire's repeat customer for many years.
Ilya Berdnikov, Belsize Park, London
January 2012

Hanish has provided consistently good service, above and beyond the call of duty - e.g. in the provision of secretly organised surprise birthday shirts, and the products have been excellent. This is an excellent, and thoughtful bespoke tailoring operation.
Fiona Clements, California, USA
January 2012

Having stumbled across Bespoke Attire on the Internet while lost in the complex world of bespoke suits (canvassed? half-canvassed?), I was initially suspicious of the large number of glowing reviews online. Still, I figured it was worth a punt, and I wasn't disappointed (hence this recommendation). Hanish was punctual and pleasant, and incredibly accommodating. He knows his stuff, makes the whole process painless, and even 'down-sold' me on one of my requirements, suggesting a more affordable alternative that I'm very happy with. So far, I've had a bespoke suit and shirt, and I'm just about to take delivery of a bespoke winter coat. Hanish makes the whole process incredibly easy from beginning to end, fits in around my schedule, and so far has got every item spot on after just one fitting. I'm sure he's also 'saved' me from a couple of mistakes, suggesting great alternatives, rather than going ahead and finishing, then saying, 'well, that's what you asked for.' - he's well worth listening to. In short, I thoroughly recommend you give Bespoke Attire a go!
Nick Funnell – RBS, London
October 2011

Great Service, Perfect Suit! After some searching on the internet, I came across Bespoke Attire and was impressed by the positive reviews. It was so easy to organise meetings with Hanish, coming to the house after work. At the first meeting Hanish guided me through selecting the right material from his huge high quality selection to style advice on cut and even number of buttons, I showed him other suits that I really liked and his professional and personal style filled me with confidence. Just over three weeks later I was blown away by the finished product and it fitted like a glove with no alterations. It was the perfect outfit for my wedding day and everyone commented on how good the suit looked. I would not hesitate in recommending Hanish for his good value, great quality, friendly advice and professional service... need an excuse to order my next one!
Simon Ware, Aldgate, London
October 2011

Hanish provided 6 bespoke suits for my wedding for a group of people ranging from clueless to very particular. I was highly impressed with the professional, personable and efficient service. Hanish went out of his way to accommodate our busy schedules and a few minor alterations were dealt with quickly and without hassle.
The finished products were great quality and all the positive comments at the wedding were testament to this. I will have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke Attire to all my friends and colleagues.
Dr. Andrew Pool, Kilburn Park, London
September 2011

Bespoke Attire has provided excellent service and they are a pleasure to deal with. I am onto my third order and very satisfied with the end product and value for money.
Ryan Kerr, West Clandon Surrey
September 2011

Hanish was a pleasure to deal with throughout the making of my bespoke wedding suit. He was very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and certainly made the process very enjoyable. The myriad of options was quite daunting, but Hanish was on hand to provide a steer where necessary and the outcome was excellent. I had many comments on the big day with many ‘grooms to be’ asking me for Hanish’s details. I’d certainly recommend using his services.
Joe Parsons – Betfair, London
August 2011

A true gentleman in a world where there are few left. Hanish is someone who clearly cares deeply about what he does and it shows in his workmanship. I have no hesitation or reservation in recommending him and the Bespoke service he provides.
Alex Josling – Audio 7 Limited, Surrey
August 2011

Bespoke Attire is my new ' go to' designer. The quality and range of fabric is superb. The service is unbelievably convenient and personalised - Hanish will come to you wherever, whenever. And he offers great style advice too. Each time I wear a Bespoke piece I get compliments! The perfect fit at great value prices - what's not to love. Bespoke Attire is every season’s ONLY label to be seen in!
Gill O'Halloran, American Express, London
April 2011

Being the first time I had a made-to-measure suit, I admit to being a bit wary...I needn't HAVE BEEN. I can only say that by using Bespoke Attire, not only did I receive a beautiful wedding suit, but a complete bespoke package: all the various aspects of the process were fitted around my schedule and engagements and they made sure that I was 110% happy with the final product. Very recommendable
Dario Langella – Sutton, London
April 2011

A great service. Really good communication throughout the tailoring and a fantastic final result. Thanks for a fantastic suit.
Ben Parson – Ben Parsons Designs, West Midlands
April 2011

Bespoke Attire made my suit exactly how I wanted it and had completed it on time. It was made perfectly and great value for money. I will definitely be using them again.
Christie O'Donovan - London
April 2011

Fantastic service, excellent experience! Couldn't ask for a more perfect fitting bespoke suit! Wonder to work with, only wanted one but ended up with the whole package and buying 2 suits. Will never buy from a store again! 5 star service and quality.
Martin Jefferies – PM Skips, West Ewell
April 2011

Hanish made me a lovely suit and shirt in quick time. He had a large selection of fabrics and linings, and offered sound advice when making decisions on what fabric to use and what style of suit would be best for me, down which pockets would be useful for me, also steering me away from what could be bad choices. I am really pleased with the end product, and both the suit and shirt fit perfectly, and look incredible. I will definitely use Bespoke Attire again and would certainly recommend them.
James Osborne – Comp Care Workplace Solutions, London
April 2011

I have been most impressed with my two new bespoke suits made by Bespoke Attire, not just with the great value but mainly by the attention to detail and the speed of service. This is the most bespoke suit I have ever had made, even my wallet, phone and Blackberry were all measured to ensure the pockets were the correct size and ensure an excellent fit.
I would not just recommend any friend or colleague to use Bespoke Attire, I think you would be mad not to!
Julian Samuel – Markel International, London
April 2011

Bespoke Attire's service is exemplary, and the quality of delivery exceptional. From initial contact, through to selecting the fabric and styling, to final delivery, Hanish was the consummate professional, offering insight and advice when needed. And speedy too. Highly recommended. Great bespoke suit.
Gareth Williams – QAS Ltd, London
April 2011

I was looking for a tailor-made suit service for my dad and brother in preparation for my wedding. After a number of appointments - and disappointments - we finally came across Bespoke Attire. The service throughout was not only friendly and accommodating but also professional. We were kept updated throughout the process and found the time frame and delivery superior to other tailor-made services we visited. Both the suits and shirts delivered surpassed our expectations. My brother was so impressed that he put in an additional order there and then. Bespoke Attire is providing the luxury of tailor-made suits at competitive prices but without compromising on quality and service as other competitors on the market are doing. I would not hesitate to recommend Bespoke Attire to anyone - having the suits made has been one of the easiest aspects of planning a wedding!
Huma Khan – Sutton LEA, London
April 2011

I scoured the internet and sent out enquiries to three tailors that I had found online for my wedding suit. The one that came back with the promptest and most promising response was Bespoke Attire London. The main thing I liked about this service was that it is all done at your home and in your time.

A couple of days later, Hanish was at my house measuring me up and going through every bit of fine detail that a real professional tailor should. He imparted his knowledge and advice on me and we came together to ensure that my ideas could be made into a real suit. I was totally impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and confidence in his ability to meet my very particular demands.

A few updates and the day for my suit fitting came. The suit fitted me perfectly, the trousers dropped immaculately to my shoes, the tailored shirt fitted like a glove. Hanish had added some real touches of finesse to my wedding suit jacket and I am extremely happy with the finished product and I would HIGHLY recommend this man to come and make your suit. I was in a predicament with my suit, and then Hanish came along and sorted all of my problems out. I am hugely grateful to you Hanish and thankful for your work and expertise. I will definitely be getting all of my tailoring requirements done through Bespoke Attire in the future and will recommend you very highly to my friends and family alike.
Michael Smith – Interserve, London
April 2011

This was my first experience buying tailored clothing, and now I will never go back to the high street. Bespoke Attire made me a pair of linen trousers, two shirts and a suit, and I am already planning to order two more suits. I am tall and slim, and I have never had clothing that fit so well. On top of this, I can tell that the garments are all very well made. Bespoke Attire is professional, knowledgeable, quick and very attentive to the customer's particular needs. It was a pleasure from start to finish and I have been recommending them to all of my friends and colleagues.
Christopher Waldon, Solicitor, London
April 2011

I've been very impressed with Bespoke Attire. The service was friendly, punctual and efficient, with fittings done at my home. I'm very happy with the finished product and the speed with which my bespoke suit was made. All in all, a great service.
Peter Rainey – London
April 2011

I engaged Bespoke Attire to make shirts for me. I have been left very impressed with the exceptional service & superb quality of the garments. Bespoke Attire was able to provide me access to a large selection of quality fabrics & styles, resulting in perfectly fitted bespoke shirts at affordable prices, giving me value for money. I would definitely use Bespoke Attire again.
Paul Williams – Barclays Capital, London
April 2011

I came across Bespoke Attire by chance whilst searching the internet for a hand-made / tailor made suit for my wedding. From the first meeting I was struck by the high level of service offered. I was probably not the ideal customer, as I was not too sure what I was looking for, but the range of cloths was fantastic and the advice was always on hand, with just the right tone. After 2 visits and one fitting I then had my own bespoke suit made to order which fitted me like a glove and which I'm absolutely delighted with. Professional and courteous to the end, I was highly impressed with the attention to detail Bespoke Attire offered which made the whole experience a very satisfying one.
I would certainly recommend them without hesitation.
Matt Williams – News Editor, ITN News
April 2011

Bespoke Attire made three matching suits for my wedding and all are fantastic. From the fabric to the fitting and finish the suits look great. Hanish's attention to detail and high quality service is thoroughly recommended and I will and have used Hanish's service again.
Andrew Bigg - BHP Billiton, London
April 2011

Over the last 6 months Hanish has made me a number of shirts and also lined rain jacket. Hanish is dedicated to working with the client to get something that is exactly what the client wants. Hanish puts the client and their needs first and is focused on a quality result over a quick job. A lot of time was spent getting my coat exactly right and I really love it.
Martin Hetzel – Ealing, London
April 2011

This was the first time I've had a tailored suit made for me and I am very pleased with the outcome. My body shape doesn’t conform to standard sizes and I've always put up with this. It’s not until I had a tailored suit and shirts made by Bespoke Attire, that I realised how bad my old suits must have looked! I am very satisfied with the service Hanish offered. He refused to stop tailoring the suit until it was 100% perfect and came to my home on few occasions to ensure this.
I would happily recommend the services of Bespoke Attire.
Gareth Bridge – Reed Exhibitions, Richmond, London
April 2011

Bespoke Attire is totally committed to providing the best client service and always listens to client's request. The end results are perfect, high quality clothes. Comes highly recommended.
Dinesh Mistry – Royal Bank of Scotland, London
April 2011

After years of dissatisfaction with off the peg shirts in terms of fit, fabric and styling I am extremely impressed with my superb shirts I have just received from Bespoke Attire. My requirements were very particular and my new shirts are exactly what I wanted and of course fit perfectly. I never realised bespoke tailoring could be so accessible, affordable and easy, I didn't even have to go anywhere. The service is faultless and I wish I had discovered it years ago, which would have saved several hours of pointless trawling through shops. I have now replaced all my shirts with Bespoke ones and can honestly say I will never go back to off the peg.
Dr. Az Hakeem MBBS MRCPsych MSc M.Inst GA, Clapham, London
April 2011

I am delighted with my over coat. The whole experience was so easy, and the fit perfect. I can’t wait to use your service again!
Richard Longmore, Balham, London
April 2011

As a first time experience of having both a suit for our son and Bespoke shirts for him and me it was a real pleasure and the results are outstanding. Everything from the first contact, the visit to our home for the initial measurements to the collection of the clothes was done with courtesy, friendliness, efficiency and an obvious expert eye for the detail and choices available. Even taking account of the appalling weather conditions and the seasonal holidays, the speed with which the order was turned around was hugely impressive and the finished articles fit absolutely perfectly. We placed the order for a special occasion, the wedding of our daughter, as we have had terrible problems in the past finding clothes that fit well. Never again - we will certainly be coming back to Bespoke Attire whether for special occasions or every-day use. Just as importantly we were kept informed of progress the whole time and really appreciated the contact, with all of the associated planning we are involved in for the big day.
Thanks again, look forward to the next time!
Paul Cox, Shrewsbury
April 2011

I ordered my wedding suit through Bespoke Attire and found it to be a first class service. All appointments were flexible to work around my day-to-day job and other commitments. The service has been friendly, punctual and professional throughout. The suit making process was made easy and simple. Bespoke Attire adhered to all of my requests and personal wishes for the design and finish. I was then kept up to date on the progress of my suit until its swift delivery and final checks. Further consultations were then carried out to perfect the fitting at my request. All at a much more reasonable price than many other companies I had previously looked at.
Adam Snoad - London
April 2011

My mate chose Bespoke Attire for his wedding suits. We were both extremely impressed with the service and subsequent quality of the goods. The suits fitted perfectly on the first fitting, which speaks for itself. The quality of workmanship is the best I've seen and I would gladly recommend Bespoke to others.
Dan Senior – London
April 2011

Hanish is thoroughly professional in what he does and yet has an instantly likeable demenour exceptional amongst persons in similar vocations. The customer care and service are second to none. The excellent choice of fabrics, the immaculate finish and the perfect fitting of the attire can only be believed or appreciated when one feels the comfort whilst looking in the mirror. Don't take my word for it - get Bespoken!
Dhiru Desai – Tatos Bros, Harare, Zimbabwe
December 2009

Highly impressed. I chose Bespoke Attire to have my wedding trousers made and have been impressed from the start. Hanish came to visit me at home and take all the measurements and turned this around within just over a week. Best fitting trousers I'd ever had, perfectly tailored to my size and preferred fit, and I will be recommending this service. Forget going to somewhere like Savile Row - they could never offer this level of service, quality and value. Would highly recommend and will use again. Continue to serve your customers like this and the competitors out there will be forced to keep up... just watch! Many thanks
Dom Aitchison - Warner Brothers
December 2009

Bespoke Attire made my 8 shirts until they were exactly right, coming to my home each time for a fitting. I am very happy with the end result.
Allan Briddock. Barrister - Mitre House Chambers
November 2009

I have received a very personal, professional and friendly service from Bespoke Attire. They have a fantastic range of fabrics to choose from and the quality of the finished product is excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quick and efficient tailor. Will be returning.
A. Markman Peters - Jefferies & Co. New York, USA
November 2009

Bespoke Attire proved to be a symbol of quality. Having purchased most of my wardrobe from high street shops and brands, I have now resolved to solely use the services of Bespoke Attire to fulfill my clothing requirements. Their understanding of my requirements, ability to advise me on what is best for me and provision of excellent garments has made me a convert. A truly personalized service with no fuss. I strongly recommend them.
Martin Margull - Stuttgart, Germany
October 2009

I have been buying most of my clothes from well-known luxury brands for many years. I am really grateful that a good friend of mine referred me to Bespoke Attire. Their service has introduced me to a new level of luxury, which allows me to get exactly the attire that I want, perfectly personalized at a very competitive price. That to me is REAL luxury.
Philip Van Droogenbroeck, Count of Ascalon - Belgium crest
October 2009

I was very happy with the level of service and product provided by Bespoke Attire
Nicholas Rees – Clifford Chance LLP
July 2009

I purchased matching suits and shirts for my 10 year old son and myself for my wedding. Bespoke Attire provided excellent service from start to finish, and really did everything to make sure the outfits were exactly as we wanted for the big day. We were delighted with the result, and the suits received many compliments from admiring guests. I felt completely confident in their hands, there was never any pressure and you always knew you were receiving professional and genuine advice.
Simon Kingsley – Ashtead, Surrey
July 2009

I was given this as a gift and found it be an excellent service as well as excellent suits. I found the attention to detail to be remarkable and I was very impressed with the entire process. I would happily recommend this to others.
Mark Mills – Navigant Consulting
July 2009

I have now had the pleasure of dealing with Bespoke Attire on two occasions and have found their service to be exemplary on both. An excellent professional experience coupled with aggressive pricing is a formula that simply no-one can refuse. I thank you Hanish, for your outstanding attitude towards customer service and a simply incredible product. I look forward to engaging your services in the near future.
Jinder Singh Rahi - Choncha Limited
July 2009

As a first time buyer of tailored shirts, I found the whole experience very personal, friendly and efficient. The shirts I received are of great quality and the fit is fantastic. I will definitely buy again.
Jorge Ortiz – Bromley
June 2009

As an American staying for an extended period in London, I've used Bespoke Attire twice now, once for a set of custom shirts and the second time for a suit and an additional two shirts. I've found the quality of the products provided to be exceptional. The shirts were customized to very exacting standards and have held up through wear very well. The dimensions were exactly as specified and the fabrics of superior quality. I've just received the suit and it is of excellent quality, meeting specifications exactly. In addition, Bespoke Attire has been very understanding of my in-country/out-of-country scheduling and has worked exceptionally hard at providing the highest level of service.
Stephen Williams - Wipro Consulting Services
June 2009

The quality is excellent, the fit perfect the service second to none. Strongly recommend this very personal service to anyone who cares about how they look!
Matthew Cope - American Express
June 2009

Purchased suit and 5 shirts for my husband as a birthday present. The measurements taken were perfect, quality of the fabric excellent, not sure he will ever buy of the peg in future. He is now spoilt and loves them.
Beverley Hoyle – London
June 2009

Quick and personal service, Very happy to recommend and will certainly be using again!
Richard Combs - Jefferies International
June 2009

The suit I ordered is great and the service was excellent. I give my commendation.
Jim Keeling - Corbett Keeling Ltd.
June 2009

I have used tailors before and I will definitely be using Bespoke Attire again. Great choice of fabrics, brilliant fit and no hard sell. I would certainly recommend.
Mark Brant – PayPal
June 2009

Both my partner and me were really happy with the service from Bespoke Attire, which was personal, professional and efficient. Many thanks!
Charlotte Faircloth - Islington
June 2009

The service and quality are efficient and excellent. I will certainly use again. It is much more convenient than going to a West End tailor.
Christopher Taylor - Print Emporium, Orpington
June 2009
The compliments I have received on my wardrobe are a testament to the quality and craftsmanship Bespoke Attire provides. The personal attention and guidance I received with fabrics and styles is also proof of their adherence to providing genuine Bespoke Attire. Highly recommended and I will definitely use them again.
Niraj Shah - DHL
June 2009

The workmanship involved in piecing together my coat, in my humble opinion, is the epitome of impeccability. The patience, attention to detail and all round customer service is worthy of as much praise as the workmanship. I believe the benchmark in bespoke tailoring has now been set.
Chidi V. Nwosu – London

Excellent, very professional service and end product. Bespoke was very keen to ensure that I was 100% satisfied throughout the process. I am already planning my next suit!
Jonathan Beak - Worldcheck
June 2009

I was extremely impressed with the personal and professional service that Bespoke Attire provided throughout the entire selection and fitting process. I requested a suit to made with a tight deadline, the expertise and quality of the tailoring is superb and will not hesitate to recommend Bespoke Attire to friends and work colleagues and most importantly purchase additional clothing garments from them.
Eugene Cariaga – Wimbledon

Had a dress made as well as two blouses. All were excellent matches from the original. I'm a delighted customer and will definitely use the services again.
Claire Gates - Virgin Money
June 2009

I have used bespoke tailors pretty much exclusively since my first trip to Gieves and Hawkes in 1977 to get fitted for my army uniform when at University. Over the years I have tried a range of different tailors and have generally been satisfied. Indeed in the '90s I took several suits over a period of years from the Burbury travelling tailor and was very pleased, so was disappointed when this firm discontinued the service. In recent years a number of tailors have advertised good value bespoke service. However I have been disappointed in different ways with all of the last three firms I have chosen. Just as I was thinking about a new suit, Bespoke Attire put a card through my door, so I gave them a call. I can say that I have been extremely happy with the quality of product and service that I have received from Bespoke Attire, and specifically point out the following: They come to you so petrol and time spent travelling is minimized - an excellent example of the travelling tailor. Value for money was excellent and there was great variety as the entry level material price, so that has been sufficient to date. Speed of delivery was great and though a first fitting was proposed, they got it right first time and I was able to take delivery at the earliest opportunity. Regular contact by email and phone at each stage of the process to confirm what I had purchased, giving me the opportunity to verify my choice, and subsequently regular reporting of progress to delivery. Very high quality advice from first selecting the materials, choosing the style, features and agreeing specific aspects. I have been so pleased that I have subsequently ordered a second suit, a tweed sports jacket, flannel blazer and am now embarking on some casual trousers. May I also say that the shirt material is excellent, and so much cooler than some of the 'plastic' shirts that I have been buying from the super markets. Bespoke has almost got me into tailored shirts permanently as well. I have not yet tried Bespoke for black or white tie, or indeed regimental mufti, though anticipate they will put in the necessary research to ensure that when I do this, all will be done correctly as well. I am very happy to recommend Bespoke Attire as able to provide excellent quality and value for money clothes - with less fuss, to a higher standard and less than half the price I paid two years ago in a conventional city tailor.
Nick Denning - Diegesis Limited
May 2009

I have not had a bespoke suit in a number of years but since using Bespoke Attire, the advice, comprehensive measuring process and delivery of a very fine suit, I experienced firsthand, the care, passion for correctness and attention to detail on my behalf shown by them. Bespoke Attire is a must for me now.
Roger Dimmock - RDA Recruitment Ltd.
May 2009

Good friendly service, spent time with me helping me to choose the correct fabrics, collars and cuffs. I will be happy to recommend to other friends.
Ziad Jiryes - Jefferies International
May 2009

Purchased court shirts and collars and then a dinner suit - quick, efficient and friendly service with excellent quality. Highly recommended – I will use again.
Jeffery Onions QC
May 2009

I can be a dream client or a nightmare since I know exactly what I want. Everything Bespoke Attire made for me matched my expectations and I have recommended their service to my friends.
Philip Vergeylen
May 2009



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